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The Only One

This song is by Manchester Orchestra and appears on the album Mean Everything to Nothing (2009).

This song has been covered by Kevin Devine under the title "The Only One".
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I am the only one that thinks I'm going crazy
I don't know what to do
And I am the only son of a pastor I know
Who does the things I do

But if it was you I don't think that it would matter
Oh and if it was true then I just wouldn't matter

I was amazed at the colour and shapes that you drew
A paper cut for two
I am the only son of a bastard I know
That knows the bastard too

Because it was you I called it a different story
But if I was you I'd make this a simpler story

I bet you did what you did when you did it
To do it again by the time you were done with it
I bet you did what you did when you did
Just to tell every friend that you had that the lord did it

I finally knew that I simply couldn't matter
You finally knew that you simply couldn't matter

I guess that it's true you never knew
The passive power of the truth, so cut me loose
If I could write another phrase
We might be better off this way

But there's no use
No, there's no use

Music by:

Jonathan Corley, Chris Freeman, Andy Hull, and Robert McDowell

Lyrics by:

Andy Hull

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