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I Can Feel a Hot One

This song is by Manchester Orchestra and appears on the EP Let My Pride Be What's Left Behind (2008) and on the album Mean Everything to Nothing (2009).

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I could feel a hot one taking me down
For a moment, I could feel the force
Veiny to the point of tears
And you were holding on to make a point
What's the point?

I am but a clean man, stable and alone man
Make it so I won't have to try
The faces always stay the same
So I face the fact that I'm just fine
I said that I'm just fine

I remember head down after you had found out
Manna is a hell of a drug
I need a little more I think
Because enough is never quite enough
What's enough?

I took it like a grown man crying on the pavement
Hoping you would show your face
Well I haven't heard a thing you've said
In at least a couple hundred days
What'd you say?

I was in the front seat shaking it out
And I was asking if you felt alright
And I never want to hear the truth
I want to hear your voice is sounding fine
My voice is sounding fine

I could feel my heartbeat taking me down
And for the moment I would sleep alright
Veiny with a selfish fear
To keep me up another restless night
Another restless night

The blood was dry, it was sober
The feeling of audible cracks
And I could tell it was over
From the curtains that hung from your neck

And I realized it then you were perfect
With my teeth ripping out of my head
And it looked like a painting I once knew
Back when my thoughts were not entirely intact

So I prayed for what I thought were angels
Ended up being ambulances
And the Lord showed me dreams of my daughter
She was crying inside your stomach
And I felt love again

Music by:

Jonathan Corley, Chris Freeman, Andy Hull, Robert McDowell

Lyrics by:

Andy Hull