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Willie Poor Boy

This song is by Mance Lipscomb and appears…

Willie, Willie, Willie poor boy
Do let my Saviour be

Yes, I love my baby, God knows I do
I'll love her 'til the sea goes dry
If I thought she didn't love me
I'd take morphine and I'd die

Oh me, oh my
Do Lord, remember me

Went down to the old New Ground
Get me a load o' corn
Well, the racoon sicced them dog on me
That possum blowed his horn

Do Lord, remember me

I went down to New Orleans
Didn't go there to stay
I fell in love with a brownskin girl
Stayed there half of my day

Ah me, ah my, Willie poor boy
Do let my Saviour be

Would not marry a knotty-headed girl
Tell you the reason why
'Cause every time she combed her head
The nap begin to fly

Now if I had a Northern wife
I'll tell you what I'd do
I'd take her down to New Orleans
I'd trade her off for corn

Whoa mule, whoa mule, whoa mule
That old mule

Hit that mule, he wouldn't gee
'Cross the head with a single-tree

Whoa mule, whoa mule, whoa mule

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