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Take Me Back Baby

This song is by Mance Lipscomb and appears on the compilation album Texas Sharecropper & Songster (1960) and on the compilation album Texas Blues Guitar (1994).

Spoken:Here's about the oldest number that I could recall, back in the days I was learnin' and heard people play, "Take Me Back"

Oh baby, take me back
I won't do nothin' you don't like

Oh, I went down that railroad track
Beggin' my baby to take me back

Take me back, me, one more time
Won't do nothin' to worry your mind

Tote your water and cut your wood
Make your fire, if I could

Oh baby, didn't you say
You're gonna lemme have my way?

'Tain't but the one thing grieve my mind
My woman quit me in the wintertime

Kill your chicken, baby, save me the wing
Think I'm workin', ain't doin' a thing

I got a girl, her name is Mar'
Works over yonder in the white folks yard

She rushed me chicken, rushed me a goose
Precious little turkey, well it 'tain't no use

Take me back, take me back
Won't do nothin', baby, you don't like