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Long Tall Girl Got Stuck on Me

This song is by Mance Lipscomb and appears on the compilation Blues Roots (1969) and on the compilation album Captain, Captain! - Texas Songster Vol. 3 (1998).

Well, a long tall girl got stuck on me
Well, a long tall girl got stuck on me

I'm goin', don't you wanna go?
Well, I'm goin' where I never have been before

And late last night, 'bout twelve
Was late last night, just 'bout twelve

Thought I heard my baby call my name
Well, I thought I heard that woman call my name

Lord, I'm goin' to hole in the ground
Well, I'm going to the hole deep in the ground

Baby, if you don't want me why'n't you say so?
Give me down my clothes and I will go

Goodbye, babe, baby goodbye
Honey, bye-bye baby, bye-bye-bye

'Morrow may be my trial day
What in the world is the judge gonna say?

Tell me, where you stay last night?
Ain't none of my business but I know it ain't right