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Casey Jones

This song is by Mance Lipscomb and appears on the album Trouble in Mind (1961).

Come all you rounders if you want to hear
Story about a brave engineer
Casey Jones, it was the rounder's name
On a six-eight wheeler, well, he won his fame

Caller called Casey just 'bout half past four
Kissed his wife at the station door
He mounted to the cabin with his order in his hand
Takin' a farewell trip a-to the Promised Land

Mounted to the cabin
Casey Jones
Takin' a farewell trip a-to the Promised Land

Casey said, just before he died
"Fix all the cars so the bums can't ride
If they ride, they got to ride the rod
They put their hopes in Jesus and their trust in God"

Haul in your water, shovel in your coal
Stick your head out the window, watch the driver roll
"Gon' run this train 'til it leaves the rail
'Cause I'm eight hours late a-with the western mail"

Casey Jones
Casey Jones

When Casey was goin' up Reno Hill
He blowed for the crossing, with an awful shrill
Switchman knowed by the engine moan
Man's at the throttle must be Casey Jones

Looks at his watch and his watch was slow
Looked at the water and the water was low
He turned to the fireman and then he said
"We will fix broke, but we'll all be dead"

Casey Jones
Casey Jones
Takin' a farewell trip a-to the Promised Land

When he died, he went to Heaven from here
Told St. Peter he's a brave engineer
St. Peter said, "Casey, 'cause you're brave and bold

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