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Ballad of the Boll Weevil

This song is by Mance Lipscomb and appears on the album Trouble in Mind (1961).

First saw old boll weevil, he was in the air
Next time I saw that boll weevil, he was stickin' on a cotton square
He found him a home, had to have a home

Farmer said to the boll weevil, "What you doin' on my farm?"
Boll weevil said to the farmer, "I ain't gon' do you much harm
I'm a-lookin' for a home, I'm got to have a home"

Farmers all got together, said, "Let's poison our crops
We don't stop that boll weevil, he'll eat up everything we got
He's lookin' for a home, done found him a home"

Then they decided to take him, stick him in some ice
Stayed in the ice twenty-four hours, come out lookin' very nice
He had him a home, had a cool home

Then they decided to catch him, stick him in the sand
Stayed there thirty long hours, he stood it like a natch'l man
He had a home, he had a hot home

Farmers all decided, wonderin' what to do
"You done et up all our cotton crop, goin' in the corn patch, too
Done found a home, done found him a home"

Now the boll weevil said to the farmer, "I'm your bosom friend
I caused you to get four cents on every bale of cotton that you take to the gin
I got a home, I done found me a home"

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