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This song is by Manassas and appears on the album Manassas (1972).

I am a man, I live alone
Don't much bother me, it won't be long
Come a woman who wants to be near
Me and my mountains, we'll be right here

Colorado (Colorado)

Way back east in the dirt and smog
Courted a woman, she had a job
Didn't want to leave her adopted home
Guess she was afraid of bein' alone in

Colorado (Colorado)

Way out yonder in tinsel land
Look around hard you might find a real man
Dark-eyed country girl, tears in her eyes
Needs the music of the wind in the pines

Colorado (Colorado)

Many's the time that I've gone astray
The things I'm thinkin', I seldom say
Guess I'm waitin' for that special girl
The one who loves me and loves my world

Colorado (Colorado)
Colorado (Colorado)

Written by:

Stephen Stills

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