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​The Hell I Fear

This song is by Man Must Die and appears on the album Peace Was Never An Option (2013).

You're gonna get what's coming to you
You worthless piece of shit
Here is a man who spends his life
Promising answers to questions
That he can't provide
Your tunnel vision fascism
Makes you want to believe
That you are somehow justified
Pointing the finger at me
'Cause I don't buy your narrow
Minded ways of thinking

Free us from self limitation
Free us and liberate your soul
No God, no religion

Now your past is coming back to haunt you
You can't run away
Your trail of misery
Stretches thousands of years back
You cannot tell me that your legacy is not a disease
Speak on behalf of God
With way too much fucking ease
It's not hell I fear
Cause from what I see I'm already here

You fear me
Because I live my life without rules
That kill progress and free thinking

Everyone had the right to express themselves
I say to each his own
Whether it's God, Budda, Satan, Hari Krishna or Allah
You will always find a home
But it's never that fucking simple
THere's always some power hungry fuck
With his hidden agenda
Who will fuck you up

We were blind but now we can see
The hate that's surrounding me

We all have one thing in common
As we were born, we all shall die
I do believe life has a purpose
Believe in yourself, let go and try