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The Day I Died

This song is by Man Must Die and appears on the album Peace Was Never An Option (2013).

Born April 19th 1979
Blue collar working class
Poverty bound
Depressions grasp
Ate away at the family core
Self-destructive paths
Lead to inner war
All I could do
Was watch through the eyes of a child
Lonely and confused
Somewhere else when I needed you the most
Always out of your mind
You were a ghost

I wasn't there
On the day that I died
I was somewhere else
Trying to hide

I don't forgive you
And I never will

You saw yourself when you looked at me
That's why you shut me out
Self-hatred of which you are devout
I was the itch that you could not reach
The infected wound that you refused to treat

I'll tell you this for nothing
I don't forgive you and I never will
More time for strangers
Than you had for your own sons
I lived in fear of you for years
The things you did haunt me still

It's funny how the tables turn
You need me but still it burn
Deep down within my soul
Were you unaware or did you know?

You will be held accountable
No love means no respect
I wonder sometimes, what did you expect of me?

You get back what you put in
In your case, not a fucking thing
You get no credit for a single thing
I've achieved this far
I did this all without your help
I stand tall with my self-respect

What of you have?
Answer me
What do you have?
Nothing but me

I guess I wouldn't be the man who
I am today
If it wasn't for you
And your pathetic games
You made me realize
From day one, I was not welcome
An inconvenience
That you called your son

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