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This song is by Man Must Die and appears on the album Peace Was Never An Option (2013).

Their mind contortion targets the weak
And binds us all in slavery
A passive existence bred for conformity
We swallow shit no questions asked

Their only rule is, divide
Like bringing knives to a gun fight
A pre-emptive strike
On an innocent mind

Reigns down upon their lives

Blind faith won't set you free
We are slaves
Compliance is mandatory

Do as they say
Not as they fucking do
Do what you want
Now they own you

Die for their greed at the drop of a hat
No questions asked
Medals made of tin
Absolve all your sins
Your heart is black

A flag and a wreath are all that remains
To mark your graves
No glory in your death
Forgotten like the rest
Your fate is black

Embrace your dream
Because without it your reality
Is nothing but a fallacy
That you don't want to know
Don't want to feel
How much of this is even real

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