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Hiding In Plain Sight

This song is by Man Must Die and appears on the album Peace Was Never An Option (2013).

In our face they spit
The working man is an invalid
Society nurtures the leech
No need to try for a better life
When you can sit on your ass
And just bleed your country dry
I'm working seven days a week
Breaking my back to make ends meet
We watch while future generations
Pave our way to extinction

Give them what they want
It fuels their greed
The parasite has a need to feed
Off you and me
So they can live for free
A drain on society

Neck deep in shit
It's our economy that takes the hit
The damage irreversible
A fuckin' free for all
Lining their pockets with the cash we earn
A parasitic nation let it burn
You've got no fuckin' right
You won't take what's mine
Without a fight
Stand up and be counted
And do what's right

Do you see it?
It's destroying our integrity
Hiding in plain sight
Ignorance is systematic
Politicians self help tactics
Serves no means

Pull out our tongues
Remove our sight
But we won't run
This time we've come to
Stand and fight

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