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​Hide The Knives

This song is by Man Must Die and appears on the album No Tolerance For Imperfection (2009).

Save your fuckin' breath.
I don't believe a word that you just said.
You're no good, you're worthless.
Your ignorance is bliss.
Inside your world, no one else but you exists.
You're no good, I fucking told you so.
Think you can outsmart me with your bullshit?
Too many years have passed;
I took it in the ass for you.
Sick and tired of your sob story antics.
I had no choice but to cut fucking loose from you.
Amazing that you can't see what you've done wrong.
Instead you point the blame because you can't deal with the shame.
Turn it around;
Make me your fucking scapegoat.
This is my lesson learned, this is to all concerned.
This is my curse.
This is my plague.
It's better to settle it now before it's too late.
You failed me.
Hide the knives, I beg you.
Hide the knives;
I want to cut out this dead infection.
Embrace my new direction.
You're like a child throwing a fit.
I'd sit through anything other than this.
Your very presence makes my flesh crawl.
You cannot justify it;
You'd better not even try it.
Because you are one step from a broken jaw.