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Absence Makes The Hate Grow Stronger

This song is by Man Must Die and appears on the album Peace Was Never An Option (2013).

I remember standing side by side
I had your back and you had mines
You always stood by your word
This bond I thought would last forever
But now time had passed cracks appear
And these words I say are sincere
Stay away because the damage is done
There's nothing left to say

If it's peace and forgiveness you've come for
You've come tot he wrong fuckin' place
I stand for something that you can't
If it's words of resolve that you wanted
You've come to the wrong fuckin' place

There is one thing to remember
Absence makes the hate grow stronger
Every day it fuels my hate for you
There's nothing I can't do

Times a healer but I'm immune
Every day that passes just deepens the wounds
You betrayed everything we had
To live a life of pure denial
5 minutes of fame and your time was through
Nothing left of the person that I once knew
An empty shell
You'll serve your time in hell

No you've become what you hated
You sold your soul to make it
Your own mother would deny your existence
Your endless quest for power
Has left your soul to sour
You feed off success like a junkie
You'd kill for a hit
Sometime you open doors that you can't close
Now you are dead to me
One things for sure you reap what you sow
I can't forgive I can't forget
You have no bridges left to burn

I'll see you in hell

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