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Mamonas Assassinas (1995)Edit

Mamonas Assassinas - Mamonas Assassinas
Mamonas Assassinas
  1. 1406
  2. Vira-Vira
  3. Pelados Em Santos
  4. Chopis Centis
  5. Jumento Celestino
  6. Sabão Crá-Crá
  7. Uma Arlinda Mulher
  8. Cabeça De Bagre II
  9. Mundo Animal
  10. Robocop Gay
  11. Bois Don't Cry
  12. Débil Metal
  13. Sábado De Sol
  14. Lá Vem O Alemão

Other SongsEdit

  1. Desnudos En Cancún
  2. Inconsciência
  3. Joelho (Atenção, Creuzebek: A Baixaria Continua (1998))
  4. Onon Onon

Additional information

Artist information:

all killed in plane crash

Years active:

1995 - 1996

Band members:
  • Dinho - vocals
  • Bento Hinoto - guitars
  • Júlio Rasec - keyboard
  • Samuel Reoli - bass guitar
  • Sérgio Reoli - drums
Record labels:

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