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Just a Whisper

This song is by Malmonde and appears on the album Eva (2005).

Son, don't open your mind,
Pawns are waiting for you
Never trust them, stay inside
They strongly believe, stay aside

See through my eyes,
Men get trapped, men fall away
It's just a whisper yet,
Don't be afraid, we'll move away
Move away!

Stay with me, it's just a whisper
Son, hear me: eva is a whisper

My old eyes will guide you,
Will lead your young steps on
I'll bring you the light,
They are blurred by pain,
Muted by screen,
Blinded by hypnotic lines!

Suffering for a whisper,
There is nothing to be done
Darkness around them,
We have to leave this alone

Come with me,
It's just a whisper
Son, hear me:
Eva is a whisper

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