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Get to Denmark

This song is by Mallu Magalhães and appears on the album Mallu Magalhães (2008).

No, we didn't find our place
'Cause I just can't see your face close to my ear
Imagine if distance disappear
So you could de here

I tried another guys, but they were just my mind's lies
Trying to find another Dani, Bob, Ricky or even Lenin
Couldn't love me, like you used to do

I hate being so far, where I just cant go by car
Flying is an option
I didn't even see your bags
But I've got two arms and two legs
I could swim the whole ocean

If I could see you
If I could hold you
If I could get to Denmark

Watching "knights who say nii"
Mouth to mouth but I could see the movie
I tried rebuilding the scene on my mind's dark
But I can't forget I've got to get to Denmark

So many secrets I wanted to tell
So many thing we could try
However at first I was even well
'Cause I thought you'd be back by July

So, knights of my heart
Take my Dani back from Denmark.

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