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The Stem, The Thorns And The Rose

This song is by Malia and appears on the album Young Bones (2007).

I have lived a lonely time
Of pleasing you or die,
Washed away my coloured thoughts,
And chewed the smile from me,

My heart big and warm
My thought brushed aside
Still he turns the knife in my side

My heart big and strong
My soul lost and torn
Still I'll stand here with pride

You still don't accept me,
Thus pleasing you till dawn,
Obstacles before me,
So I could never fly,

Bled away my strength
So that I would break
But I know I'll run and hide

I won't run and hide
I won't run and hide

Your guilt is not enough, enough

I won't run and hide

Last line of refrain: Still I stand by your side!

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