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Twisted Arms

This song is by Malcolm Holcombe and appears on the album Down The River (2012).

Fair and square
Looks good on paper
Coughin' up blood
At the head o' the table

Don't move a muscle
Livin' in that skin
Too dead to struggle

Twisted arms in circulation
Twisted arms in circulation
Twisted arms in circulation
Here for the common good

Short and sweet
The silent type
Cleanin' up good
In broad daylight

Ruby lips
Go the extra mile
Suckin' up sin
A tight redlight

Got valet parkin'
Strung up on a cumberbund
Nobody starvin'

Stuffin' my face
Rats get squirrely
In a trophy case

Down on the corner
With a wall-eyed smile
A rabbit in thunder
No compromise

Fat and sassy
Three months vacation
Gimme all the answers
No hesitation

Saved by the bell
Ringin' next to me
Workin' my knees
Blown to hell for freedom

Cop a squat
On the courthouse steps
Where's my job
Did I vote for this (that)

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