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Short Street Blues

This song is by Malcolm Holcombe and appears on the album For The Mission Baby (2009).

Gonna tell ya a tale 'bout livin' in a helluva neighborhood next ta town
Folks round here drink alotta cheap wine and stay crazy mosta the time
People hangin' out on da corner wastin' my time an' bummin' my quarters
We ain't gotta lot o' money it's true buyin' cigarettes a nickel for two.

Me an' my baby we both agree
Livin' on short street ain't our cup o' tea
Honey make some coffee pack up da boxes
Pick da pennies up offa da floor
We ain't livin' on short street anymo'.

Ya gotta keep things down after midnight no tappin' yo foot on da floor
No mo' singin' dem country songs o' da broomstick'll bounce below
Rats moved in and we losin' out neighbors don't care if we scream an' shout
Talkin' 'bout da rent is due da hell widda short street blues.

Da bathroom's out on da backporch front door's just a rickety gate
Yard's full o' dem groundhog holes an' da neighborhood jus' ain't safe
Ev'rybody's gotta do what they gotta do ev'rybody gonna say what they gonna say
I say honey the rent is due the hell widda short street blues.

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