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Down The River

This song is by Malcolm Holcombe and appears on the album Down The River (2012).

They make the laws
To suit themselves
The ones that buy and sell the rest
Of us down the river

The rest of us
Don't need the touch
Of takin' more than just enough to get
By down the river

Down the river
We pray for one another
Down the river
We hold on to our dreams
Down the river
The hard times makes us stronger to get by
And leave this world behind
Down the river

A bed to lay
Me down at night
And for workin' hands to hold you tight
My darlin' and me down the river

Now far away
The mem'ries of
Simple days remainin' in
Our broken hearts down the river

The gifts of little ones we love
Our faith in blood and God above
They will last forever
Down the river

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