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Bigtime Blues

This song is by Malcolm Holcombe and appears on the album For The Mission Baby (2009).

I'm a fatcat losin' in the lean ol' times
Got my fatback slappin' outta my time
Ya make the phone keep ringin' in my ear fine
I'm a fatcat losin' to the bigtime blues.

Lazy eights a slippin' under that ratty ol' rug
Sweepstakes driven outta town sucks
Gonna claim my ticket to the way that it was
Lazy eights a slippin' to the bigtime blues.

See me on the left
See me on the right
See me cut down
Right down to size

I'm a fatcat losin' to the bigtime blues

I was a c.e.o. widda souped up seven
Taxman grinnin' shinin' my shoes
Now I'm a s.o.b. at the backdoor whinin'
No dry clean money for the bigtime blues.

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