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​Behind The Number One

This song is by Malcolm Holcombe and appears on the album To Drink The Rain (2011).

There's a land o' milk and honey
Full o' lawsuits left and right
Keeps me jumpin' in the water
Drownin' demons in the night

(We can't kill ev'rybody)
We can't bribe ev'rybody
(Who disagrees with freedom)
With the bloody hands of freedom
Fillin' up a dirty ocean
With a mighty hole a bleedin'.

This mighty hole o' luxury
Keeps burnin' like before
No matter what I say and do
I (still) work for more and more

Hist'ry makes a mark o' time

Spinnin' wheels pass the buck
Behind the number one (selfish one)

Thinkin' how to turn a dime
And turn my luck around
Buyin' time to feel the breeze
O' livin' up and down

I blame the man who's got the most
And curse the weak and dumb
I turn the TV on and off
And watch me scream and run