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Thinking Comes First Followed By Action

This song is by Make Up Your Mind.

This hunting season is extended,
And their paratroopers landed on our backyard,
It's a battlefield digged up and totally wrecked with,
Their booby traps are waiting for us to kick their pins in,
Preventing seems hopeless,
Looks like all we do (is failing).

Placing traps before our doorsteps,
You do it all to get us off track,
Breaking hearts to steal the passion to go on and make us fight back,
Hard times come and go like rock stars,
We're fighting battles for a good case,
There ain't no going back for us this band is something good (not hopeless).

Say what you want to say,
Do what you want to do,
Shout when you want to shout,
But think how your actions will turn out.

Describing us like we're a waste of time to listen to,
Now I'll decline,
Loving, writing, playing music,
As far as I know ain't no crime,
For being who we are you'll shoot us down from far away,
You might do the best you can, you'll never hit our hearts.

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