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Guard me

This song is by Make Up Your Mind.

It's late at night, I can't sleep,
Too many thoughts in my head,
So I turn on TV instead of counting sheep.
It isn't the solution, but I just want to get,
My head empty before going back to bed.

As channels flash by and trash is coming in,
I realize I once more have fallen into sin.
See people get killed, having sex or misbehave, doesn't make me sleep well, I better play it safe.

Guard my eyes so I won't see,
Seduction which is surrounding me
Guard my ears so I won't hear,
Words which drives You out of here
Guard my mouth so I won't say,
Words which drives You're Spirit away
Guard my thoughts and guard my mind,
Help me to live as You've defined

I Talk with so called friends about that alcoholic in a way I probably wouldn't do in public.
Though uncomfortable, I add my contribution to a conversation meant to hurt a person.

I need the lord to guard eyes, ears, mind and mouth for what's coming in and what's going out.
Though I try real hard, I can't do it on my one, I need the Holy Spirit, without Him hope is gone.

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