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​For Love's Caress

This song is by Mairéid Sullivan.

I gave my heart, I gave my soul to the children
I drew all my love, drew all my time for the children
Still I can hear the yearning cries of all the children in this world

The world - feel it's greatness

The weight of the past bears down on my thoughts
We are daughters of history - mothers of a new world that's dawning
And this great old world can be made new in the name of love's caress

Voices everywhere calling
The world - feel it's greatness
The world - feel this endless vastness

Once-upon-a-time I thought that hindsight
Was all I had in this world
But we are willing slaves to only ourselves today
From seekers to finders our souls can tremble - for love's caress

All of the angst we hear it's just well disguised imperfection - sophistication
When we can feel it all
We can reach out for it all forever
Through our eyes, we can make souls tremble - for love's caress