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Yah, alive and nobody knows me
I like to see your eyes chase
on the highway speed can’t touch me now, run
it’s my soul… rewind

Of course, I left my room again tonight
watching TV alone, nothing funny on
it’s nobody’s fault anymore
Even though you’re not here,
you avoided my eyes with an blank face
I stumbled, dropped by phone again
on the standby screen are two smiling faces
Both of our names entered there,
only our contact addresses connect our hearts
Why can’t I erase it?

Always stretched and living while acting tough
arranging in my heart an unfinished puzzle, too
As usual, I was always by your side
but that was just fine
I just want to find my missing piece
So it’s a puzzle

I may not be able to win, not see
I won’t lose this feeling, chase in the darkness
I look up at waking tears
and shine, a tower of light

After all, I left my room again tonight
2 hours after midnight a voicemail arrives
A voice left on my answering machine
“I’ll call back,” but your call back soon
chosen words won’t heal
I want to be alone, but I hate loneliness
I can’t say things like I’m too used to being a couple
What I hesitated for was too good, I liked it

Truth saw through the widespread lies
Like a puzzle gone wrong but I’m not wholly deceived
When there are broken resolutions that destroy
a comfortable relationship,
the freely flowing tears shed are dried
by anybody, unknown – fill in the gap
So it’s a puzzle then

Relax girl you’re rollin’ with a star
Big rims when you’re ridin’ in my car
Tell your boyfriend he ain’t gotta call
Can’t reach ya ‘cause we way too far
Miss smile way too fly, took the day off
No problems girl, I get it paid, oh
G5 with the fly ultra frenzy
Does anyone kiss, does anyone dance?

But someday I want to find it,
I prayed to a faraway star
Too much wear and tear on my heart
The final piece to fill my heart’s gaping hole
is not just you

Endless stolen kisses and your finger, stroking my hair
And the strength of your embrace, an unfinished puzzle
I tried to turn around toward your voice
Somehow I won’t be deceived by it
I wish it would change into honesty
but could I get used to that?
So it’s a puzzle after all

When the lights glow
We shine like a Hollywood night show
Benz on rims ride with the nitro
Tell your boyfriend you gonna live life, so hey