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Don’t you think so?! From now on let’s do
Isn’t it great?! What we can
The way we feel like it
I had nothing before you, but when I close my eyes and think
There’s a place where we can live together

There’ll always be love in my heart, I’ve gotten up my courage
So, saying something’s impossible
No, that’s not like me
Yes, the wind has changed, let’s set out now

Is it a dream?! I won’t give up
Don’t you think so?! Until the end
Nobody notices the beginning
But I know we’ll reach our destination
Because you have hope in your heart
It’s in the hard times that our wishes will come true

I’ll always believe, keep gazing at you
So finding that hard
No, that’s not like me
Yes, in an instant you’ve become your uture self

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
It doesn't matter
You make mistakes, but for a reason
There's a chance to be won
God bless you for being yourself
Sometimes life is so beautiful, yeah

Always give my love, always give my love to you
Always give my love