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There's a blue moon flower that blooms in the desert
I can hear someone's voice echoing
What can you see in your eyes?
I'm right by you but
I don't know where you are
You give me a helping hand when I looked down
Why are you so kind?

(Don't leave me again)
In those hands
(Never let you go)
I put my trust
Let's get back our broken hearts

If the light to tomorrow that's scattering in the night sky
Shines even a little now
I won't stop dreaming
Even if it's against time
Even when it's right there
We don't care what it means

I don't even know the exact things
But let's live without stopping our walk

(Don't leave me again)
With my heart
(Never let you go)
I feel
In the moonlight stars
Someday into the blue sky and sea

Now I close the album of sadness
The tears that I cried are the frozen sea

(Don't leave me again)
Opening up a new page
(In the moonlight stars)
There are thousands of shining stars

(Don't leave me again
Look at us please
We are trying to live on this earth
Oh yeah
In the moonlight stars
All the kids are fighting to live on this earth

(Oh Yeah)