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Sacrificial Hire

This song is by Magrudergrind and appears on the album II (2016).

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They are your horror
They are your comfort
They creep into
Every facet of your life

You joined the movement
Counting down the days
Until your suicide
Fearful of showing opposition
Horrified that they will
Slaughter your kin
Wishing for death
Praying for the day
That you go to die
To fulfill your deed
To destroy your enemy

A devotion to the eradication
Of free thought
They tell you to kill yourself
For sake of the larger cause

Indoctrinated since the day of your
With the rest of your generation
Like the cohorts that
Came before you

Discount the living and welcome
A death drenched in martydom

A senseless death
In a pointless cause

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