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Illusions & Reality, Pt. 3 (Final Breath)

This song is by Magic Pie and appears on the album Motions of Desire (2005).

I'm surrounded by blackness
I surrender to the light
I get blinded by the darkness
No light insight

I'm surrounded by a colour
But I see only black and white
Could it be that I grow older?
No hope in sight

Shadows that move
Rainbows that gloom
What is the reason for this?
Ask ourselves what does exist?

I'm lost within a circle
I remain on the same track
I get dragged into a whirlpool
No turning back

Shadows that move
Rainbows that gloom
Where did this story begin?
What made me morph into the state I'm in?

We change into a thing, and nothing stays the same
We think we see the link between the normal and the insane
That everything inside our minds, never cease to be
Everything I learned in life- so meaningless to me

I can't see, I can't feel, I can't cry
I don't heal, I don't feed, and I won't try
Everything inside of me has prepared itself to die!
As I breathe a final breath, it's meaningless to question why...

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