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The Doom Of The Races Of Éire

This song is by Mael Mórdha and appears on the album Manannán (2010).

Worn am I, drained of life
Though this world of plenty be more than I deserve
So much blood and slaughter
Still stain my hands
Once crimson, now crusted
A sure sign of one damned

Now I know that I've been here
Many times before

The harbinger of doom
Knocking on the door
Of the Gaedhil
Who constantly deny and trample on the will of the Shidhe

For at Maigh Turadh, I was Balor
And at Tailteann, Eibher Fionn
I choked the great King Cormac with my bones which were too strong
Then I was Pádraig, the bringer of the boy god
I forced the will of Árd Macha on the kingdoms of the south

Now the man who has brought ruin on the family of Ború
In response to the gold offerings placed to endorse the same Christ's rule
And condemn his family's Bean Sidhe to the rocks near Ceann Cora
The doom of the races of Éire for destroying the gods of yore

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