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This song is by Madison Beer.

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I hear melodies in my head
Find little notes in my bed
I've got songs tangled up in my hair
I see piano keys everywhere
My heart is a beating drum
Repeating my favorite song
I hear Beethoven No. 9 all the time

And it's kind of like do re mi
About as easy as ABC
Beautiful like a symphony
I'm talking about you and me here

I hear melodies in my head
I was a little off key then you melodie me
And I'm better than ever
I hear melodies in my head
I had the beat a bit wrong
But I got a new song now
So I put my headphones on
Plug into you, plug into you
Boy, you're my favorite song
Plug into you, plug into you

You're so wrong that it makes you right
Keep me wide awake at night
I can't sleep now I know you're around
I lie listen and singing every sound
I love it when I hear your voice
Well baby I don't think we really got a choice
Mozart is in the air and I'm right here

I wake up in the middle of the night
I can't stop all the melodies that I hear
Melodies, baby
I hear melodies all the time
And I'm about to go crazy
I keep on singing about you
'Cause see baby you're my melody
A I hear melodies in my head

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