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In Another Life

This song is by Madina Lake and appears on the album From Them, Through Us, to You (2007).

I remember our first kiss, the butterflies, I know you felt them too.
I can still taste your lips, that night I wrapped up all my love in you.
But deep inside I always knew the sadness around you was deadly.
I must hate myself cuz I also knew one day you'd destroy me.

But there's something I've gotta know before we say goodbye,
will I ever see you again somewhere in another life?

I remember our first fight your skeletons were all up over you.
I can still taste that night when you told me you'd been beat up and abused.
You'd hide it all, bruised mouths don't talk (It's not your fault, it was never your fault).
It's an evil world for an innocent girl (It's not your fault, it was never your fault).

But there's something I've got to know before we say goodbye.
Will I ever see you again somewhere in another life?

I'm going to try to be ok but I need you to know, wherever you are now, that here you were adored.
You were always great at running away but you said forever you promised forever.
I forgive you, yeah I've forgiven you but now I just miss you.
I always remember you.

Sleep in peace.

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