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This song is by Machine Translations.

Rabbit and Malone
Were drunk in a boat
With eyes made of coals

And Madelaine
She sang like a stone
'I'd rather stay here at home'

Driving in the sea
That brings you close to me
I'll hold your head down to a shell
Where everything is small

Alice called with her filthy rainbows
But she won't say what she knows
For you I'm falling alive
But I won't break my bones

Heaven's head is hollow
Her hair all drunk with sorrows
She holds her head down in a bowl
Of crawling stars

All I knew was the guns far below
And the sun shining in
And I never believed anything
Though the night was filled with eyes

Dancing in the ruin
Sometimes you're almost human
Please hold my head down to the stones
Till I am small


Written by:

Elmore James; Marshall Sehorn; Sonny (Boy) Williamson

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