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Days Turn Blue To Gray

This song is by Machine Head and appears on the album Through The Ashes Of Empires (2003).

Oh thou have fathered
Son and daughter
Doth begat yet raised not bother
Paralyzed your childrens lives
Wither vines of family ties
Self destruction
Make him function
Crayons and clay
Days turn blue to gray

Days turn blue to gray

Oh 17 when
Family begin
Drinking fighting heroin
Unquenchable addictions call
Responsible to none above all
Self destruction
Make's him function
Crayons and clay
Days turn blue to gray

Days turn blue to gray

Lest I taste
It's sweet grapes
Glass to tongue
Across it tips
Cross my lips
Swallow his soul

Won't you love me?
Please help me see
What did I do?
Did I hurt you?
And now that you're gone
Emptiness lives on
The guilt's all I feel
No closure
Father mother fucker no closure

The strings of my heart
You pulled on endlessly
This twine is severed
In tragedy
Father mother destroyer destroyer
Your self destruction
What made you feel alive
Your self destruction
Of your children's lives.

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