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These Days

This song is by Machine Gun Fellatio and appears on the album On Ice (2004).

Don't remember where I slept last night,
But I've woken up with you again in my head.
I don't know if that wrong or right,
But it's something that I do too much these days.

I've been feelin' fine, flyin' high again,
Findin' all new names for trouble.
Think I got a place to live somewhere,
And someone to share it,
And the stars are bright about us,
And the stars are bright about us,
Are they shinin' right above you too?

So I'm hangin' out, steppin' out again,
Like a sultan in the city.
I bought myself,
Some brand new clothes to wear,
I wish you could see 'em.
Things are movin' right around us,
Things are movin' right between us,
I got drunk last night and I called you.

And every sign beside the highway,
Says I'm closer than before.
Whatever else I do, I can't stop now,
Right outside your door...

I've woken up, I've spoken up,
And not one thing changes-
We're broken up.
I know enough to it's late,
It's late, too late.
I ain't gonna call you,
But if the stars are right about us,
If the stars are right above us...
Are you doin' fine without me and you?

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