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Nerdy White Kid Kills Look At Me Now

This song is by Mac Lethal.

This song is a parody of "Look at Me Now" by Chris Brown.
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Yo, yellow cheese, eggs
White, pancake batter
Put a little bit up on the skillet
When it start to bubble
flip it over wit yo spatula

Yeah yeah, that shit look like my breakfast
I gotta remember to flip the motherfucker over
After cooking it for thirty seconds

Ladies love me
I got my OJ
Everybody said to do another fast rap to this beat
So I said OK
But I'm gonna speed it up, real real fast
Till this whole damn bottle is gone
And I'm challenging
Busta, ??, and Twista, any of you rap kids,
Follow along
Come on.

Cook wit me now, ugh
Cook wit me now, ugh ugh
I'm makin pancakes
Cook wit me now, ugh
Cook wit me now, ugh ugh
Fresher than a muh'fucker

Chris Brown broke up with Rihanna
So he's looking for another silly idiotic ho that he can beat up
I wish that he was man enough to get inside the octagon
I'm kicking him in the noggin like I'm ...

[incomplete so far]

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