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This song is by Mac Graham.

You're a green queen on the scene
Something from a magazine
And I can feel you watching me tonight
You don't care when people stare
At your makeup and your hair
It took you all day to get it right

So tell me, do you think you're sexy?
Do you wanna sex me?
Go on, go on.
Address me,
With your eyes undress me
And press against me
Come and show me...

On the Dance floor in the spotlight
Everybody's watching as you work it
You're on fire
Give it to me
Let me see you PUSH
Push it when you're pushin' baby x4

When the beat drops don't stop
Let me feel your body rock
Every trick is watching you tonight
Girl enough with sexy eyes
Let me see you move them thighs
Every inch of you is out of sight

I know what you're drinking (desire and sex)
And your friends know what I'm thinking (desire and sex)

Tell them leave your ass alone,
I'll call Curtis and Jerome
Because I got friends too, we like to party
Lawdy-dawdy work that body

Chorus (out)


Written by:

Gary Mcauley; Mark Mcauley

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