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Now That You're Gone

This song is by Mac Graham.

I've been tearing up those letters
With all those words you ever wrote me
Because they were all just words, nothing more, nothing less
I've started walking different roads
Trying to get new memories (yeah)
And I've been making every effort, trying to forget your name

'Cause I don't want you
I don't need you
I won't do anything to please you
And if you need me, it's too late to call me
Your world should never again involve me

'Cause I'm a be all right
Now That You're Gone
My whole world is so right,
Now That You're Gone (I'll be all right)

You've been calling me everyday,
Tryin' to say sorry for how you hurt me so bad
But I think you give yourself way too much credit
More than you should ever have

So I been picking up the pieces
Never knew it could be so hard yeah
But you know, with all this work
I realize how I've come so far


If you ever want to call me
Don't pick up the phone
'Cause its way too late baby
I'm not gonna be home

So you can start by putting away
All the things I ever gave you
Go 'head and tear up those letters
It must have all just been words

See I can't be the one for you
Only when you need me yeah
So learn this lesson the hard way
Girl that's what you deserve

CHORUS (out)


Written by:

Gary Mcauley; Randy Mcauley

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