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This song is by Mac Graham.

It's not long until midnight,
You're living under starlight, wishing for limelight,
You're looking for, one good reason to lose your self-control,
It's not long till you feel right and act wrong,
All it took was some drink and the beat of your favorite song,
Two good reasons to let it go,
To give into the night you're a creature after all

There's a spot on the floor with your name on it,
And a sign on your face that says game on it,
Escape is waiting for you, oh-oh-oh,

It's not long till Midnight,
And you gotta feel the heat of the spotlight,
Whatcha gotta do in the morning? (Don't think about it)
Whatcha gotta do in the morning? (Don't think about it)

Eleven bells and you're on me,
You're thinking you're my only like you're gonna own me
Well Cinderella, time is running out on you and me
I got places I gotta be before the morning you're loaded on something, world is spinning you keep gripping on my body on your body while your sweat is flowin'
You're breathing heavy now 'cause you got you going

And you could go all night long if you really wanted
It don't matter at all if tomorrow's coming
Come do what you came to do, oh-oh-oh

Midnight count it down uh-huh
I wanna hear you shout out loud,
Can't Stop it, you know the future waits for you.
Midnight count it down uh-huh
The clock is tickin'
Midnight id coming for you
Midnight count it down uh-huh

CHORUS (out)


Written by:

Giancarlo Bigazzi; Gary Mcauley; Mark Mcauley; Steve Piccolo; Raffaele Riefoli

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