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Can't Stop

This song is by Mac Graham.

It's half past five and your day is done
Call up your people looking for some fun
Monday morning, Sunday night
Don't matter the day if you're feeling right

We came tonight to get it started
Bring the music start the party come on
Can't stop the party, no
There ain't a season or a reason
Every day's a celebration of your life
And you just can't stop, won't stop, can't stop, no!

Do what you wanna do,
I said it's up to you
Do what you wanna do
It's up to you and you and definitely you.

So grab a drink and move it to the floor
And move your body just a little more
Twenty-Four Seven, Three-Sixty Five
Escapism makes you feel alive


You know you can't stop this, you know you can't stop this x4


Written by:

Da-Rell Clifton; Mars Marcellin; Gary Mcauley; Mark Mcauley; Mike Ross

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