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Rainmaker (1980)Edit

Keb' Mo' - Rainmaker
  • Released under the name "Kevin Moore"
  1. I Intend to Love You
  2. Break Down the Walls
  3. Anybody Seen My Girl
  4. Speak Your Mind
  5. Rainmaker
  6. The Way You Hold Me
  7. Rainy Day People (Rainy Day Lady, Rainy Day Man)
  8. Holding On to You

Keb' Mo' (1994)Edit

Keb' Mo' - Keb' Mo'
Keb' Mo'
  1. Every Morning
  2. Tell Everybody I Know
  3. Love Blues
  4. Victims of Comfort
  5. Angelina
  6. Anybody Seen My Girl
  7. She Just Wants to Dance
  8. Am I Wrong
  9. Come on in My Kitchen
  10. Dirty Low Down and Bad
  11. Don't Try to Explain
  12. Kindhearted Woman Blues
  13. City Boy

Just Like You (1996)Edit

Keb' Mo' - Just Like You
Just Like You
  1. That's Not Love
  2. Perpetual Blues Machine
  3. More Than One Way Home
  4. I'm on Your Side
  5. Just Like You
  6. You Can Love Yourself
  7. Dangerous Mood
  8. The Action
  9. Hand It Over
  10. Standin' at the Station
  11. Momma, Where's My Daddy
  12. Last Fair Deal Gone Down
  13. Lullaby Baby Blues

Slow Down (1998)Edit

Keb' Mo' - Slow Down
Slow Down
  1. Muddy Water
  2. I Was Wrong
  3. Everything I Need
  4. Henry
  5. Soon as I Get Paid
  6. A Better Man
  7. I Don't Know
  8. A Letter to Tracy
  9. Slow Down
  10. Rainmaker
  11. Love in Vain
  12. God Trying to Get Your Attention
  13. I'm Telling You Now

The Door (2000)Edit

Keb' Mo' - The Door
The Door
  1. The Door
  2. Loola Loo
  3. It Hurts Me Too
  4. Come on Back
  5. Stand Up (And Be Strong)
  6. Anyway
  7. Don't You Know
  8. It's All Coming Back
  9. Gimme What You Got
  10. Mommy Can I Come Home
  11. Change
  12. The Beginning

Big Wide Grin (2001)Edit

Keb' Mo' - Big Wide Grin
Big Wide Grin
  1. Everybody by Yoself
  2. Love Train
  3. Don't Say No
  4. Infinite Eyes
  5. Grandma's Hands (featuring Barbara Morrison)
  6. Color Him Father
  7. Family Affair
  8. The Flat Foot Floogie
  9. I Am Your Mother Too (featuring Brenda Russell)
  10. Big Yellow Taxi
  11. Isn't She Lovely
  12. America the Beautiful

Keep It Simple (2004)Edit

Keb' Mo' - Keep It Simple
Keep It Simple
  1. France
  2. Let Your Light Shine
  3. One Friend
  4. Shave Yo' Legs
  5. Prosperity Blues
  6. Closer
  7. Keep It Simple
  8. Riley B. King
  9. House in California
  10. Walk Back In
  11. I'm Amazing
  12. Proving You Wrong

Peace... Back by Popular Demand (2004)Edit

Keb' Mo' - Peace... Back by Popular Demand
Peace... Back by Popular Demand
  1. For What It's Worth
  2. Wake Up Everybody
  3. People Got to Be Free
  4. Talk
  5. What's Happening Brother
  6. The Times They Are A-Changin'
  7. Get Together
  8. Someday We'll All Be Free
  9. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
  10. Imagine

Suitcase (2006)Edit

Keb' Mo' - Suitcase
  1. Your Love
  2. The Itch
  3. Eileen
  4. Remain Silent
  5. Still There for Me
  6. Rita
  7. I'm a Hero
  8. Suitcase
  9. Whole 'Nutha Thang
  10. I See Love
  11. I'll Be Your Water
  12. Life Is Beautiful

Live & Mo' (2009)Edit

Keb' Mo' - Live & Mo'
Live & Mo'
  1. Victims of Comfort
  2. More Than One Way Home
  3. Change
  4. Shave Yo' Legs
  5. Hole in the Bucket
  6. One Friend
  7. The Action
  8. Perpetual Blues Machine
  9. Government Cheese
  10. A Brand New America

The Reflection (2011)Edit

Keb' Mo' - The Reflection
The Reflection
  1. The Whole Enchilada
  2. Inside Outside
  3. All the Way
  4. The Reflection (I See Myself in You)
  5. Crush on You
  6. One of These Nights
  7. My Baby's Tellin' Lies
  8. My Shadow
  9. We Don't Need It
  10. Just Lookin'
  11. Walk Through Fire
  12. Something Within

Bluesamericana (2014)Edit

Keb' Mo' - Bluesamericana
  1. The Worst Is Yet to Come
  2. Somebody Hurt You
  3. Do It Right
  4. I'm Gonna Be Your Man
  5. Move
  6. For Better or Worse
  7. That's Alright
  8. Old Me Better
  9. More for Your Money
  10. So Long Goodbye

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Songs Featuring Keb' Mo'Edit

Additional information

Artist information:


  • Instruments: vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, bass, keyboards
Real name:

Keb' Mo' is a performance name for Kevin Roosevelt Moore.

Years active:

1980 - 1982, 1993 - present

Record labels:

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