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Could Be Me

This song is by MKTO, features Ne-Yo and appears on the album MKTO (2014).

Never know, never know
Never know, never know

Johnny's got the money but he's rude and he's so cold
Rude and he's so cold
But she's with him though
She said I'm sweet as honey but I'm broke as a bad joke
Broke as a bad joke, which makes me a no show
She's always talking 'bout she's looking out for the right guy
She just can't find him, so in the meantime
She deal with this, the guy that's rich but he might make her cry
A fella like me get no try, and I just don't know why

What she doesn't see, is that I just might be
What she's looking for, what she's looking for
If you look at my heart girl, and not my money
Whatchu looking for, whatchu looking for
Could be me

Never know, never know (x4)

She could do better but the money is her drug
Money is her drug, and she's on it tough
Oh girl I may be poor in paper but I'm wealthy in real love
Wealthy in real love, I got more than enough
But she wants nice cars and fancy things
Even though she might be suffering
A man that'll treat her like a queen but can't afford the crown
No she turn me down
A million dollar home, don't feel the same when you're alone
I really wanna show her so much more than dough
But the girl won't put me on

She keep on searching for the wrong man
With the iced out cardier arm band
So mean but he look like Tarzan
Little bitch but he act real hard man
And she don't know I got a heart made of gold
And the diamonds in my eyes are the size of the globe
Grade A, not an average Joe
She'll never know, never know
That when you're scared and alone
I could be the one who answers the phone
Boss up like a CEO
One half MKTO
So baby when you're done looking for the top
Imma be everywhere that he's not
I got everything and more that he's got
It could be me, gimme a shot

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