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Dawn of a New Order (2000)Edit

MDM - Dawn of a New Order
Dawn of a New Order
  1. The World in My Hands
  2. Lock & Load
  3. Chemical Whore
  4. Out of Control
  5. Burn (N.W.O. Mix)
  6. Lotek Biotik
  7. Dark Star (Dawn of a New Order)
  8. Bitter Christ
  9. Abbaddon (The Omega)
  10. Burn (Semiconductor Mix)
  11. The Last Days of Christ
  12. Out of Control (Adrenalin O.D. Mix)

Unified State of Aggression (2003)Edit

MDM - Unified State of Aggression
Unified State of Aggression
  1. MK Ultra
  2. Kemikal Halo
  3. Aggression
  4. HMF
  5. Means to an End
  6. Visions of Annihilation
  7. Thru My Eyes
  8. Hollow
  9. Chemical Whore (No Hope Mix)
  10. Lock and Load (Genocide Mix)
  11. rm -rf /Users/nux
  12. Aggression (1996)

Modern Digital Militia (2008)Edit

MDM - Modern Digital Militia
Modern Digital Militia
  1. Das Ist Krieg (American Reich)
  2. Nothing
  3. Demander & Thief
  4. Collapse
  5. Silence and Pressure
  6. Theocracy
  7. Bitter End
  8. Smothered Hope
  9. Freedom?
  10. Silence and Pressure (Alex P Remix)
  11. Collapse (Daniel X Remix)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Chemical Whore (no Hope Mix)
  2. Das Ist Krieg (American Reich)
  3. Demander And Thief

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Artist information:

Modern Digital Militia (formerly - Martyr Diabolos Martyr)

Years active:
  • 2000-present
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