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Be Like Me

This song is by MDFMK and appears on the album MDFMK (2002).

I hear you speaking loud and clear but I still can't understand
I think I'd rather kill myself than meet your demands
I never needed reason to reason with my mind
I can see the future and today is good day to die

I need new enemies
I need new strategies
I need the pain to feel something
I need to shed some skin to be like me again
A brand new me

I read the writing on the wall but the message is all wrong
I got the world inside my head and it's ticking like a bomb
I never neede justice to justify myself
I can see the future and it looks a lot like hell

Flip the switch
Pull the plug
Fell inside the hole I dug
Walk the walk
Crash and burn
Another stone I have to turn

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