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This song is by MDFMK and appears on the album MDFMK (2002).

Blow your mind
Trip the wire
Dodge a bullet
Turn a liar
Blood is love
Blood is war
Blood is all temptation
It's the final destination

Finish off what was begun
It's not too late to jump the gun
Lose your mind to gain control
Kill the flesh to free the soul
Brace yourself for the assault
The big machine grinds to a halt
The defective ubermensch
Is still looking for revenge

Scorch the ground you leave behind
Starve the opposing side

Eradicate your own reflection
Never follow one direction
Set your world on fire
Make your own exception
Action leads to reaction

Solve the puzzle piece by piece
The symptoms indicate disease
Become a problem they can't fix
The missing link... 666

Create, mutate, contaminate
Design, refine, undermine
Indite, incite, disunite
Deploy, decoy, destroy
Divide, collide, suicide
Extort, abort, vive le mort

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