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Kizz My Black Azz (1992)Edit

MC Ren - Kizz My Black Azz
Kizz My Black Azz
  1. Intro: Check It Out Y'all
  2. Behind The Scenes
  3. Final Frontier
  4. Right Up My Alley
  5. Hounddogz
  6. Kizz My Black Azz

Shock of the Hour (1993)Edit

MC Ren - Shock of the Hour
Shock of the Hour
  1. 11:55
  2. Same Ol' Shit
  3. Fuck What Ya Heard
  4. All Bullshit Aside
  5. One False Move
  6. You Wanna Fuck Her
  7. Mayday On The Frontline
  8. Attack on Babylon
  9. Do You Believe
  10. Mr. Fuck Up
  11. Shock of the Hour

The Villain in Black (1996)Edit

MC Ren - The Villain in Black
The Villain in Black
  1. Bitch Made Nigga Killa
  2. Keep It Real
  3. It's Like That
  4. Mad Scientist
  5. Live From Compton 'Saturday Night'
  6. Still the Same Nigga
  7. I Don't Give a Damn
  8. Mind Blown
  9. Great Elephant
  10. Muhummad Speaks
  11. Bring It On

Ruthless for Life (1998)Edit

MC Ren - Ruthless for Life
Ruthless for Life
  1. Ruthless for Life
  2. Who in the Fuck
  3. Nigga Called Ren
  4. Comin' After You
  5. Voyage to Compton
  6. Must Be High
  7. So Whatcha Want
  8. Shot Caller
  9. All The Same
  10. Who Got That Street Shit
  11. Pimpin' Is Free
  12. CPT All Day

Songs Featuring MC RenEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. America
  2. Bang Wit Me
  3. Bringin' It
  4. Deadly
  5. Don't Do It
  6. Forget What Ya Heard
  7. In Da Ghetto
  8. In The Alley
  9. It's Nothing
  10. John Doe
  11. Keep It Real (The Villain Remix)
  12. Live From Compton Saturday Night
  13. Monster
  14. N***a Called Ren
  15. No Get Bacc
  16. Old Times
  17. On My Dicc
  18. Radio
  19. Raw Sh*t
  20. Roll On 'Em (Extended Version)
  21. Ruthless For Life (Remix)
  22. Ruthless Villain
  23. Showtime
  24. Still Ain't Free
  25. Wanna Ride
  26. West Coastin'
  27. Who Got That Street S***
  28. Who In The F***
  29. Who Wanna be the Villain

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