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​The Empty Set

This song is by MC Plus+ and appears on the album Chip Hop (2006).

I'm explaining shit to y'all geeks

(Logic the Android)
It's me, Logic
Back with upgraded components
V2 modules for debugging opponents
My file styles are FAT
Like allocation tables
I'm willing and able
To hang you up with CAT5 cables
I'm like a kernel dump
I'll leave you with messes
I've been calling out bitches
Since '93 on some BBSes
Study the lesson
You learn from EOF
CS gangstas have you coding
Till you bitches out of breath
I make your hole seem blue
Like a memory leak
Watch the skin crawling
It's like you heard an emery speak
Oh no, that's me
Call me keratin on slate
I make MCs itch with every word I make
Three body problem:
Can you compute the solution?
Out of your sister and mom
Who's the one that I'm doing?
Actually, I forgot
Yo there's a bit of a trick
In reality it's Monzy
That's sucking my dick
Oh shit
Yes I did flip some lists
Like pop tops
With the sinister syncopator style
To make your heart stop
You just can't fuck with our robotic religion
And as Max Flow shows
No human knows our precision
Fuck it, going to decision
Empty Set KOs
Whack MCs, whack crews
Whack sets, whack flows
You quack like a duck
When I switch up parameters
I adapt on the fly
Just to recharge my stamina
I don't need to eat
I don't need to sleep
Just a little deuterium
And I'm ready to freak
The Empty Set is rapping shit
In six dimensions
We'll make your skull invert
On itself like Bill Clinton
Don't mention
The fact that I supersede your brain
It's a shame
To which neural networks
On a mainframe
That's why I'm in the rap game
Reppin' my name
So everybody recognize
The Empty Set is the new thing

Try and fuck with the Set
That's a notion to forget
We school fools
On the nature of the game
Empty Set
Don't forget the name

(Vitamin Z)
Hey yo, it Vitamin Z
So pass the mic
Pass it over to me
'Cause it's time to ignite
This lyrical A bomb
With missiles and napalm
Turning this track
To a rap Vietnam
I grew up in the nap (?)
Where MCs don't sleep
Yo, we eat beats
And shit out the ill technique
I'm ten times sicker
Than your average disease
So let me teach you motherfuckers
About the birds and bees
Birds that fly
And bees that got stingers
So many fucking rappers
Sound like R&B singers
I'm nervous on the surface
But I'm cool to the core
I got the whole fucking crowd
Screaming "We want more!"
That lyrical hardcore shit
Never heard before
So let me in
Or I'm kicking down the door
Like B.I.G.
This is Vitamin Z
All the way from the NY to NAP
'Cause I rap where I'm from
'Cause that's where I'm at
I'll be stuck in the fucka
Till I'm old and fat
Lazy boy with a backwards hat
Telling all my grandkids
How I used to rap

Try and fuck with the Set
That's a notion to forget
We school fools
On the nature of the game
Empty Set
Don't forget the name

(MC Plus+)
Popping off like a stack
Lyrics like attacks
Challenge your system integrity
Count in binary
Shit so scary
It's the Chip Hop visionary
Oh shit, thought I quit
On the contrary
Pop your Chip Hop cherry
You're feeling very wary
Well I don't blame you
But I'll shame you
Proclaim you lame
And aim at your brain
Not with bullets
But intellectualism and polymorphism
And paradoxes that will
Stop your clockses
Whether you're Christian,
Jew, Muslim, or agnostic
I got the hot shit
For you to rock with
Turn it up, let the beat
Get you out your seat
Whether you code for courses
Or for the streets
On the information highway
We're doing this shit my way
Without further delay
'Cause we've been waiting too long
For the rebirth of hip hop
Who thought it would come
In the form of Chip Hop?
It's not what you expected
But no one projected
That the kid connected
With the frustration
From across the nation
It don't matter your major
Don't matter your location
As long as you're feeling vibrations
Concentrating on education
Instead of annihilation
Or facing desecration
But this Chip Hop shit
Is a celebration
Of hustling for whatever degree
Whether it's a Ph. D
Or a GED
Or even if you're just
Trying to make ends meet

Try and fuck with the Set
That's a notion to forget
We school fools
On the nature of the game
Empty Set
Don't forget the name