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Feel My Power (1987)Edit

MC Hammer - Feel My Power

Feel My Power

  1. That's What I Said
  2. Ring 'Em
  3. Get It Started
  4. Feel My Power
  5. The Thrill Is Gone
  6. Mix It Toss It & Bust It
  7. Son of the King
  8. Brother Versus Brother
  9. I Can Make It Better

Let's Get It Started (1988)Edit

MC Hammer - Let's Get It Started

Let's Get It Started

  1. Intro: Turn This Mutha Out
  2. Let's Get It Started
  3. Ring 'Em
  4. Cold Go MC Hammer
  5. You're Being Served
  6. It's Gone
  7. They Put Me in the Mix
  8. Son of the King
  9. That's What I Said
  10. Feel My Power
  11. Pump It Up (Here's the News)

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em (1990)Edit

MC Hammer - Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em

  1. Here Comes the Hammer
  2. U Can't Touch This
  3. Have You Seen Her
  4. Yo!! Sweetness
  5. Help the Children
  6. On Your Face
  7. Dancin' Machine
  8. Pray
  9. Crime Story
  10. She's Soft and Wet
  11. Black Is Black
  12. Let's Go Deeper
  13. Work This

Too Legit to Quit (1991)Edit

MC Hammer - Too Legit To Quit

Too Legit To Quit

  1. This Is the Way We Roll
  2. Brothers Hang On
  3. Too Legit to Quit
  4. Living in a World Like This
  5. Tell Me (Why Can't We Live Together)
  6. Releasing Some Pressure
  7. Find Yourself a Friend
  8. Count It Off
  9. Good to Go
  10. Lovehold
  11. Street Soldiers
  12. Do Not Pass Me By
  13. Gaining Momentum
  14. Addams Groove

The Funky Headhunter (1994)Edit

MC Hammer - The Funky Headhunter

The Funky Headhunter

  1. Intro
  2. Oaktown
  3. It's All Good
  4. Somethin' For The O.G.'s
  5. Don't Stop
  6. Pumps And A Bump
  7. One Mo' Time
  8. Clap Yo Hands
  9. Break 'Em Off Somethin' Proper
  10. Don't Fight The Feelin'
  11. Somethin' 'Bout The Goldie In Me
  12. Sleepin' On A Master Plan
  13. It's All That
  14. Funky Headhunter
  15. Pumps And A Bump (Reprise: Bump Teddy Bump)
  16. Help Lord (Won't You Come)
  17. Do It Like This (Extended Version)
  18. Heartbreaka (Is What They Call Me) (Extended Version)

Inside Out (1995)Edit

MC Hammer - Inside Out

Inside Out

  1. Luv-N-Happiness
  2. Sultry Funk
  3. Anything Goes on the Dance Floor
  4. I Hope Things Change
  5. Keep On
  6. Everything Is Alright
  7. I Need That Number
  8. Bustin' Loose
  9. Nothin But Love (A Song for Eazy)
  10. Goin' Up Yonder
  11. He Keeps Doing Great Things for Me
  12. A Brighter Day

Active Duty (2001)Edit

MC Hammer - Active Duty

Active Duty

  1. No Stoppin' Us (USA)
  2. Pick It Up
  3. Our Style
  4. Pop Yo Collar
  5. A Soldier's Letter
  6. What Happened To Our Hood
  7. It's All Love
  8. Bump This
  9. Not Like This
  10. Spittin' Fire
  11. Don't Be Discouraged
  12. I Don't Care
  13. Who's Holdin' It
  14. Cali
  15. Night Show
  16. Where Will I Go
  17. Bay Livin'
  18. Broken Vessel
  19. Why Do You Wanna Take Mine

Look Look Look (2006)Edit

MC Hammer - Look Look Look

Look Look Look

  1. I Got It from the Town
  2. Hyphy, Dumb, Buck, Krump
  3. YAY
  4. HammerTime
  5. Doing da Thizz
  6. Look Look Look
  7. Mash for It
  8. WestCoast Cha
  9. Memories
  10. I Can't Stand It
  11. What Happened to Our Hood
  12. HardTimes
  13. I Won't Give Up (On My Life)
  14. Get 2 NO U
  15. Who Loves Me?
  16. Get Away
  17. Thankful

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Other SongsEdit

  1. Dancin'
  2. Hammer Music
  3. I Love You

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